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TPYS spring season will be postponed indefinitely. The health and safety of our TPYS families is vital, and we will not compromise this for any reason. As a small family business that relies so heavily on our our community, your feedback and support is very important to our family. Thank You to those of you that filled out the survey sent out last week. It was very helpful.

After looking over the feedback, we have decided to indefinitely postpone the spring season. Although we realize a good number of you wanted to play, it is our social responsibility not to at this time. We will all be back on the field before you know it and appreciate the game even more.

If you are registered for the spring season, please check your email for the most current updates sent out 5/20 and 5/21.

We hope to see everyone on the fields again soon!

Twin Peaks Youth Sports

Twin Peaks Youth Sports (TPYS) provides children the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of flag football and basketball in an exciting, fun and safe environment, with a focus on healthy competition to help our players learn life lessons through both winning and losing. Committed to these sports and the children on our teams, we strive to be the Boulder and Weld County leaders of NFL Youth Flag Football and Jr. NBA Basketball. This is achieved through our efficiently-run programs, high-quality coaches, and our commitment to building integrity in our players. 

The Registration "TPYS Home Page" is not currently available.

The Registration "TPYS Home Page" is not currently available.

2018 Chuck Noll Hall of Fame “Game for Life” Award

Our Mission Statement
Winner of the esteemed Chuck Noll Hall of Fame “Game for Life” Award, Twin Peaks Youth Sports (TPYS) is committed to building integrity in our Boulder and Weld County players through our recreational and competitive NFL flag football leagues and Jr. NBA Basketball League. Our unique, safety-focused leagues foster fun, sportsmanship and perseverance while enhancing skills in our players ages 4-14.


Coronavirus Helpful Information

With the coronavirus outbreak, our sponsor, UCHealth reached out with some educational and informational materials about the coronavirus to share with you all. They want to make sure we are equipped with information from experts and can continue to get information as the situation evolves. Please see the links below from UCHealth:

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Pregnant women and coronavirus-…/pregnancy-and-coronavirus-exper…/

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